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By | July 10, 2020

jansatta Jansatta is the Hindi newspaper of the Indian Express Group. It was founded by Prabhash Joshi, editor of Indian Express, Delhi. Started in 1963, this newspaper left everyone behind and many editions came out. Its editor is Mukesh Bhardwaj. Jansatta also originates from Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Raipur. The name of ‘Jansatta’, a daily published from Delhi, is a pioneer among those who give a new dimension to Hindi journalism. If a letter can be given credit for giving a new attitude to investigative journalism, then it is ‘Jan Satta’.

The presentation of its special style, common language, fast-paced editorial articles, and the news made it a popular paper not only of Delhi but of the entire country and it has brought it to the best Hindi dailies in a few years. Search news, gossip, books, ie, are the most popular columns of this paper. Its Ravivariya version ‘Ravivariya Jansatta’ is full of diverse material. Occasional articles, poetry, story, small world, joglikhi, dekhi-sun, women’s world, etc. are its regular columns.

Jansatta is a Hindi language Daily Newspaper. Download Today’s Jansatta epaper  (PDF) format for India’s Competitive Exams like  UPSC, SBI, PO, RBI Grade B, SSC MTS, IBPS, Dena Bank, BOI, IAS, SSC, RRB, PSC, etc. Jansatta Newspaper PDF  Download today’s e-paper. From here you also can download the old Jansatta Hindi Newspaper in PDF newspaper is the most important thing in our daily life. It is also a good way to start the day with all that is happening around the world. Reading daily newspapers also improves one’s language and helps one to be well prepared for competitive exams. The newspaper provides Knowledge of various national and international events. Read the newspaper daily and prepare for your  Exam. Now we are sharing the links of Newspapers to download in PDF format.

Download Link Today’s  Epaper PDF:

Here we share the download link of the Jansatta epaper in PDF Format. We update the Page Daily after 06:00 am. if you face any problem regarding downloading the paper please comment us below.

Download Jansatta in PDF Format

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

 1. How can I download the Jansatta epaper in PDF?

Answer: You can download the Jansatta epaper in PDF format very easily. You can see the text “Download PDF” date wise. Just click the text. You will be redirected to a google drive page. Now you can read the epaper without downloading this. If you want to download the Jansatta epaper, click the download icon in the top-right position of the page. Your download will be started.

2. Can I download the Jansatta epaper Daily?

Answer: Yes! Sure ! you can download the Jansatta epaper daily from here.

3. How can I get a notification when update the download link?

Answer: Yes ! you can get a notification when we update the download link. To get a notification, you need to subscribe to our Website Notification system by clicking on the bell icon at the bottom-right page. In Daily Morning you will get information to download Jansatta epaper.

4. Can I download the old files of the Jansatta epaper?

Answer: Yes ! you can download the old files of the Jansatta epaper.

We ePaper Download Team not only share the downloadable link but also store the previous Jansatta ePaper. If any Readers/Candidates need any old Jansatta ePaper, then easily can get from the given link. In this given link The ePaper is stored date wise. If anyone needs the Jansatta ePaper download old for more than one month, please leave a comment.

Important Note: We are not the owner of this paper. We are sharing the downloadable link which is already available on the official website. We publish this copy for education purposes only. If anyone has any complaints regarding this, please contact us. Also can mail us at [email protected]

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